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  1. admin says:

    Thank you for catching that! I have corrected the error.

  2. Brett says:

    I wanted to provide a little feedback about your emotional intelligence test. Overall, I think this is a pretty novel way of measuring EI. Indeed, those with higher EI should be better able at identifying personality patterns and relationships in others. If you have any citations about measuring EI in this manner, please share.

    A few errors I noticed:

    The procedure states:
    directly related, where saying one would mean the person would probably be less likely to say the other. In practice, people who say “I love people” tend to be the same people who say “I like people”. “less likely” should be changed to “more likely.”

    Your item pair, A. I am always prepared & B. I leave my belongings around, is scored as directly related, but they should be inversely related: I am always prepared measures high conscientiousness, and I leave my belongings around measures low conscientiousness.

    All the best

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