To tell if color cues can affect individuals answers on personality tests, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory was altered so that upon page load each user was served up a version with a random red component to the background color and scores were recorded. The colors in RGB notation, where a component can have a value between 0 and 255, were in the range (R=33, G=33, B=33) – (R=232, G=33, B=33).

Below are the average scores for 1861 test takers grouped by the hue they were assigned (from less to more red).

Scores on the NPI by amount of red in page background.

As you can see the trend line is exactly flat, indicating that the background color of a page does not affect how users answer the personality inventory.

The data used in this post can be download for reanalysis here.

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  1. J David Eisenberg says:

    Is it possible to provide the complete data of all 1861 entries? That would allow someone to do a correlation statistic and other types of analysis.

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