A personality test was offered on this website constructed with the 50 item big five form from the International Personality Item Pool and The Dirty Dozen, a measure of the dark triad. This report will summarize the observed relations between the 8 measured traits

The data used are 2403 takes from individuals age 14-60 who on a 100 hundred point scale rated the accuracy of their answers greater than 80.

For the rest of this report:

  • E -> Extraversion
  • N -> Neuroticism
  • A -> Agreeableness
  • C -> Conscientiousness
  • O -> Openness to¬†experience
  • M -> Machiavellianism
  • P -> Psychopathy
  • R ->¬†Narcissism
Here are the basic correlations:
E 1
N 0.239 1
A 0.348 0.088 1
C 0.103 0.242 0.163 1
O 0.129 0.066 0.076 0.021 1
M 0.102 -0.202 -0.317 -0.189 0.094 1
P -0.145 -0.168 -0.66 -0.2 0.078 0.529 1
R 0.324 -0.229 -0.025 -0.138 0.055 0.476 0.231 1

Here is the prevalence of Myers-Briggs personality types from the test on this website and in a general sample from the Center for Applications of Psychological Type:

The prevalence of MBTI types is both the general population and in an internet sample.

The scale is % of the population with that personality type.

As can be seen, their are significant differences.

Sometimes various items are mixed into the Big Five Personality Test to see how they relate. The following items were included for 428 test takers.


A. I am socially liberal.

B. I am economically conservative.

C. I am religious.

Z. I frequently seek interpersonal drama.


A 0.052
B -0.077
C -0.022


It would seem that liberals tend to be more dramatic, however the weakness of both the experimental design and definition of the concepts (what exactly is ‘interpersonal drama’ anyway) render this conclusion extremely tentative.