As random as the topic may seem, personality differences between right and left handed persons have been a topic of much study. Much of the research seems contradictory, see this review.

Research thus far seems to have been hampered by what seem insufficient sample sizes (most seem to have n=~200), which is not a problem here.

To add to this research, upon the completion of the Big Five Personality Test participants were asked to indicate their handedness with the choices “right” ,”left”, “ambidextrous”, “don’t want to answer”. The question was included for 2361 individuals. The break down in responses was n=2029, 248, 63, 21 respectively (13.3% identified as non-right handed compared to an estimated 11% of the population).

The differences in their big five personality traits are tabled below.

Trait Right Left p
Extraversion 3.09 3.01 0.22
Neuroticism 2.97 2.92 0.35
Agreeableness 3.9 3.92 0.71
Conscientiousness 3.4 3.4 0.99
Openness to experience 3.94 4.01 0.1

No differences were statistically significant at the p>0.05 level.

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