I took scores on the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale (n=1733) and averaged them by the hour of the day the test was taken:

The two scales of the LSRP are (1) a selfish, uncaring and manipulative attitude towards others and (2) impulsiveness and instability, scores are on the range 1-5.

There is a clear trend in both: it appears that (speaking from a pacific time zone perspective) the internet is nicest at high-noon and gets meaner and meaner until about 4 am.

To check the reliability of this trend, I divided the scores for primary psychopathy down into the last three months.

Psychopathy scores averaged by hour the test was taken for three months.

The trend does appear to hold true for two out of the three months, April is less pronounced, but still, its probably safe to say….

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